This is what this PRESIDENT and his Administration has for its record to date!

Who is this? Friend or foe?
Who is this? Friend or foe?


1. Benghazi
2. Releasing the “Taliban
Five”from Guantanamo
3. Selling weapons to Quatar, which is now housing the Taliban Five
4. Funding known terrorist groups.( Such as HAMAS)
5. The IRS Targeting scandal.
6. The VA hospital Scandal
7. The Fast and Furious scandal.
8. The AP phone records scandal.
9. The Stimulus package
10. Solyndra
11. Illegal immigration…hence the Border Crisis…
12. Obamacare

well that is a dirty dozen! I could go on and on! I could mention that our country is trillions and trillions of dollars in debt. Much of that from mishandling foreign affairs and printing monies that we do not have back up for, by the commission of our President. That President elected by the people, to uphold the laws of the land established for the protection of the people!


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