America the beautiful land that I still love!



Today I choose to remember the truths about my country America! No matter how our reputation has been smeared in relation to our heart attitudes toward other countries, and their poor, or their needy! America still remains the country that has given more to the world than any other country ever formed!


I am proud to be an American still living for the moment in the land of the free! Living in a country that was founded on moral value and character by our founding fathers! A country that was founded to honor the 10 Commandments and live by them. A country whose citizenship is desired worldwide by people who will try to gain it by any means… Hence the Border Crisis. Even though our own leaders tear down our reputation in the world, even though our leaders would have we the people believe our country has grown to be the great nation it is by a history smeared with shame, other nations recognize the freedoms and liberties experienced by American citizens! THUS I STILL SAY WITH PRIDE…AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL IS STILL THE LAND THAT I LOVE!


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