Common Core Must BE DEFEATED!



If you care a  feather or fig …about your children’s future you should take part in everything possible,  that will help defeat the COMMON CORE AGENDA  that has been instituted in our American schools.

TWENTY SEVEN STATES HAVE NOW OPTED OUT OF COMMON CORE! The reason the states opted for COMMON CORE in the beginning was that the federal government said if you do you will get funding for your schools… If not no money!  It’s nothing less than communistic at its core. trying to control our children’s minds,  gathering data to use against our children,  in essence trying to take away their freedom to choose their future careers and directions in life!

Educate yourself on the common core agenda, if you do not know why it is so urgent to stop this destructive curriculum from being used in American Schools! Google COMMON CORE! Read some of the many books that have been written about the inadequacy of the teaching itself, and the evil core of communism, what’s really at the “CORE” of common core!

DO AS I HAVE DONE! Join the FIGHT FOR OUR AMERICAN CHILDREN’S FUTURE! Go to and sign the petition and donate if you can.



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