Israel May be larger ... Yet small enemies can be deadly!


How can anyone say that Israel doesn’t have a right to defend herself. The following is a list of Palestinian attacks from Gaza on Israel in July alone. Accuracy is in instances difficult as many attacks were volleys that were stopped by Iron Dome.


  1. 4 rockets
  2. 17 rockets
  3. 14 rockets
  4. 25 rockets and salvo
  5. 6 and salvo
  6. 25 at least
  7. 80 rockets
  8. 157  rockets ( IDF announces “Protective Edge” Operation
  9. 130 rockets
  10. 197 rockets
  11. 137 rockets
  12. 125 rockets
  13. 130 rockets
  14. 115 rockets
  15. 156 rockets
  16. 132 rocket
  17. none reported
  18. none reported
  19. none reported
  20. 87 rockets
  21. 82 rockets
  22. 87 rockets

WAKE UP AMERICA! How can we, as Americans, or any citizens of the world, not understand Israel’s actions.   If your country were in the same position, what do you think your leaders would do? I doubt they would send out advance notices to each home they were planning to attack, in order to ensure as few casualties as possible on its attackers! I doubt we would wait … And wait… And wait some more before retaliating on the enemy trying to kill our citizens! I wonder what you would think was right action if these attacks threatened your children?

How long then, would you allow the black widow crawl on your body, biting you? Or your child’s body biting him/her…before trying to stop the attack? Would you then think… The enemy is small so we should just ignore it! Israel would never initiate an attack if she was allowed to live in peace… Without an enemy attacking her very existence! HOW CAN ANYONE SAY THAT ISRAEL DOESN’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFEND HERSELF!









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