America we must stop being so divided over petty issues. When I say Petty I don’t mean that your issue doesn’t count, I  mean that it is not the primary issue for Americans today. The primary issue is…we are losing our very country today by being divided… While others who are united and highly organized are stealing our freedoms!

The very heart of American liberty…your freedom of speech, the right to disagree peacefully with others, is being taken away by those with an agenda to control The American people, by changing completely this republic we love! Those who are manipulating you and me by changing our laws,  without due process and in many cases totally disregarding the CONSTITUTION set in place to protect American liberties and freedoms!

Unless we unite and purpose in our minds to act, once again, as THE “UNITED” STATES OF AMERICA, a people “United” under God! A people “United” in purpose and thought… A people “United” , in claiming our God Given rights, A people who are willing to put the good of our country,  in a time of crisis, before our own personal wishes… We will lose our country without a doubt!!! We will  lose the home front war to those who are UNITED in their agenda to tear down America and the very principles that have made us great! America as a “united group” can possibly be heard as ONE VOICE, and perhaps together we can save our republic nation and remain free! WAKE UP SLEEPING GIANT!


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