Palestinians thinking of 72 hour Truce from their ATTACKS ON ISRAEL



Every where we read about Israel’s attack on Israel! What would you do if Palestine, controlled by  HAMAS Terrorist, had fired on your country approximately 2,486 times in July alone? What would you do if approximately 1,774 rockets plus several mortar volleys had actually hit your country?

Of course Israel retaliated! SMALL ENEMIES FIRING ROCKETS AT YOU ARE STEAL DEADLY! Israel fired 1149 rockets and even with warnings that the attacks were coming…tragically many many of the Palestinian’s were killed. All HAMAS controlled Palestinians have to do to stop the deaths of their citizens is STOP FIRING ON ISRAEL! MAKE A LASTING TRUCE!

This is a sad reality… When a mosquito bites you, you will surely smash it with your hand which is much larger than the mosquito! When a fly is in your home you will use a swatter to remove the fly! These examples are meant to bring us back to the fact that you will defend your body against small enemies and the weapon used is always larger than the enemy! The same reasoning applies to Israel’s right to defend its country and citizens from a small deadly enemy that has vowed to never rest until ISRAEL IS WIPED OFF THE EARTH AND EVERY JEW HAS DIED!

Israel must stop the rockets being fired and protect the lives of their citizens!



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