Not Proud of Washington or my President

Not proud of Washington or my President



36,007 illegal alien criminals allowed to enter U.S. last year who went on to commit 16,000 more crimes!

Let’s see Obama’s goals for America:

Grab our guns and leave us defenseless!
Grant amnesty to tens of millions more illegal aliens to possibly kill your vote and bring in diseases.
Extinguish free-speech, crush it anywhere it exists!
Inter unlimited numbers of US citizens without cause!
Brand conservatives and the Tea Party as terrorists!
Teach our children that sexual perversion is normal!
Strip your wealth by taxing you to death and give it to the world to consume!
Outlaw certain foods and gasoline-powered vehicles!
Bypass then reduce and eliminate Congress!
Make states accountable to the UN!
Reduce our military by 90%!
Remove our borders, by allowing all who cross them to stay and receive care at the taxpayers expense.!

This week by executive order president Obama allowed detention of people with respiratory disease … An advance precaution duee to Ebola outbreak possibilities! Is this like OBAMACARE? Will they have panels to decide who is a risk? Or… Will every one who has a respiratory issue be fair game for detention? Sure this might seem a little radical. However, our government has taken so many freedoms and rights from We The People lately, that and nothing seems far-fetched!

Also, what about funding those terrorist groups… Oh yes I forgot Nancy Pelosi says Hamas is a humanitarian group. Pathetic!



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