What is Wisdom? Why do I need it??


Wise Old Bird


The fear (awe and respect),  of the Lord is the beginning,  the very starting point,  or the principal part of knowledge.

1. Wisdom and the ability to reason correctly,  and act, according to God’s instruction is the most valuable tool you can have for a contented life.

2. Wisdom is available to anyone but the prices are high. When you know to do right and do wrong there are always consequences for your actions.

3. Wisdom  originates in God, not self, and comes by giving regard and observing instruction.

4. Wisdom and Righteousness go hand in hand. It is wise to be good… It is good to be wise.

How do you even know what is of value? How do you even know how to prioritize or put in order,  your values? You must begin with a ” knowledge” which is found in the Holy Bible!

If you do not believe the words I have just written, then prove me wrong! Read the book of PROVERBS. You might read chapter per day, (as there are 31 chapters), and then take time to think about what you have read! Finally apply what you have read to your life! Solomon, the author, was not known as THE WISEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED without reason!

Why set our values in order, or set them in place anyway? You order your values because ordering your values leads to character. Strong moral values involved in good character lead to many things… Peace of mind being one of the best advantages! Ther is a stability and resolve that occurs in the process of “getting wisdom” …a deep satisfaction within that allows you to stand your ground when others oppose what is good and right.

Applying the reason found in Proverbs alone will not only enable you to discern right from wrong, but also will teach you the “foolishness” of not developing a fear or respect for the LORD!



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