How do we cope with DAILY STRESS?



I do not know how you cope with your daily stress. However I do know that the stresses are monumental in this day and time. We have national stresses beyond measure. We have personal stresses, such as relationships that go awry. We have physical illnesses that  sometimes force us to adjust the way  we go about our daily lives.  On top of all this,  many of us have to  limit ourselves in the way we were used to spending our money’s because of the way prices have been escalating on everything from food to energy… Etc.

Whenever I’m faced with the crisis of any kind…And there are many as I have seven children 15 grandchildren and one great-grandchild… Whenever I face a crisis of any kind my first place to go is to God in prayer. I have learned through my many years here on this earth not to take tomorrow’s problems on my shoulders, only today’s .

In the WORD, by the word I mean the Bible, it is said, that sufficient for today are the troubles therein. I have taken those words firmly into my heart. Knowing that you cannot change the past, and you can’t really affect the future,  except by the decisions you make today. I’ve learned to place everything the capable hands of the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s also written in the WORD that HIS grace is sufficient for the day, Grace meaning unmerited favor. All I need  is HIS Grace to make it through the day. He has promised to never leave me or forsake me. And I believe with all my heart the Bible, I don’t just read the Word. I am a firm believer that the Bible is the word of God and He is faithful to perform His Word.

Therefore, in a days time, I simply refuse to think about all that could happen tomorrow and look at the day before me. I choose to see the good things of the day in the beauty of the creation that God has set before us to for us to enjoy!

I am not saying that this is a simple task but if, as you wake up every morning you put everything before the Lord in prayer, and then remember in your heart that there is absolutely nothing you can do to change the future or the past. The past has already happened and is gone. Forget it, and live this day set before you fully. Do what you can to fix the problems of this day alone, then peacefully and happily go through your day with a good attitude. You really don’t know that you have tomorrow today is the only real day in your life!


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