Common Core Must BE DEFEATED!



If you care a  feather or fig …about your children’s future you should take part in everything possible,  that will help defeat the COMMON CORE AGENDA  that has been instituted in our American schools.

TWENTY SEVEN STATES HAVE NOW OPTED OUT OF COMMON CORE! The reason the states opted for COMMON CORE in the beginning was that the federal government said if you do you will get funding for your schools… If not no money!  It’s nothing less than communistic at its core. trying to control our children’s minds,  gathering data to use against our children,  in essence trying to take away their freedom to choose their future careers and directions in life!

Educate yourself on the common core agenda, if you do not know why it is so urgent to stop this destructive curriculum from being used in American Schools! Google COMMON CORE! Read some of the many books that have been written about the inadequacy of the teaching itself, and the evil core of communism, what’s really at the “CORE” of common core!

DO AS I HAVE DONE! Join the FIGHT FOR OUR AMERICAN CHILDREN’S FUTURE! Go to and sign the petition and donate if you can.





Americans for Palestine REALLY!
Americans for Palestine REALLY!


Come on America! Have you not seen enough to know that Palestinian terrorist groups, in particular Hamas, wish nothing more than to destroy,  kill, or maim, any or all Americans, who will not bow the knee to ALLAH.  They consider America to be the great Satan and will not be content until America is a Muslim country or destroyed completely.. The same sentiment they have for Israel! Do you really want to support a group that wants to kill you? WAKE UP AMERICANS!

America is Beautiful God has shed His GRACE ON THEE!

America Born To Be Free
America Born To Be Free


Have you actually looked at our country lately? We have one of the most beautiful countries on earth. We have natural resources beyond measure. We even have enough oil resources…if America was allowed to tap into them… To provide our country’s needs , without using foreign sources. We have such a spacious land that Texas alone could supply most of the families in the world with an acre of land and not be crowded! We have mountains , valleys, farmlands, beaches, even deserts, a variety of beauty for our citizens to experience!  I love our beautiful America, whose beauty is truly from sea to shining sea.

America the beautiful land that I still love!



Today I choose to remember the truths about my country America! No matter how our reputation has been smeared in relation to our heart attitudes toward other countries, and their poor, or their needy! America still remains the country that has given more to the world than any other country ever formed!


I am proud to be an American still living for the moment in the land of the free! Living in a country that was founded on moral value and character by our founding fathers! A country that was founded to honor the 10 Commandments and live by them. A country whose citizenship is desired worldwide by people who will try to gain it by any means… Hence the Border Crisis. Even though our own leaders tear down our reputation in the world, even though our leaders would have we the people believe our country has grown to be the great nation it is by a history smeared with shame, other nations recognize the freedoms and liberties experienced by American citizens! THUS I STILL SAY WITH PRIDE…AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL IS STILL THE LAND THAT I LOVE!

Pray For America

Jefferson's Prayer for America and mine.
Jefferson’s Prayer for America and mine.

Another Sunset, as the day has drawn to a close, I hope you join me in this prayer:
A Prayer for the Nation
Almighty God, You have given us this good land for our heritage. We humbly ask You that we may always prove ourselves a people mindful of Your favor and glad to do Your will. Bless our land with honorable endeavor, sound learning and pure manners. Save us from violence, discord, and confusion, from pride and arrogance, and from every evil way. Defend our liberties and fashion into one united people the multitude brought here out of many nations and tongues. Endow with the Spirit of wisdom those to whom in Your Name we entrust the authority of government, that there may be justice and peace at home, and that through obedience to Your law we may show forth Your praise among the nations on earth. In time of prosperity fill our hearts with thankfulness, and in the day of trouble do not allow our trust in You to fail. Amen.

President Thomas Jefferson
Washington D.C. · March 4, 1801

This is what this PRESIDENT and his Administration has for its record to date!

Who is this? Friend or foe?
Who is this? Friend or foe?


1. Benghazi
2. Releasing the “Taliban
Five”from Guantanamo
3. Selling weapons to Quatar, which is now housing the Taliban Five
4. Funding known terrorist groups.( Such as HAMAS)
5. The IRS Targeting scandal.
6. The VA hospital Scandal
7. The Fast and Furious scandal.
8. The AP phone records scandal.
9. The Stimulus package
10. Solyndra
11. Illegal immigration…hence the Border Crisis…
12. Obamacare

well that is a dirty dozen! I could go on and on! I could mention that our country is trillions and trillions of dollars in debt. Much of that from mishandling foreign affairs and printing monies that we do not have back up for, by the commission of our President. That President elected by the people, to uphold the laws of the land established for the protection of the people!

Pray for the peace of Israel and the people of the Gaza Strip

Israel has begun land invasion into Gaza by the land, the air and the sea. Israel cannot be blamed, by those of good conscience, for defending her country or the people of her country, from those surrounding areas, that have been invaded by terrorists who wish to annihilate her country and her people!
We are instructed in the Holy Word of God, the Bible, as Christians to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Nevertheless pray for the people in Gaza. The innocent people that are still there are in danger of losing their lives. It’s a sad day for the world indeed!

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