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What this American flag means to me.


Our flag represents the truth of the birthing of the country of United States of America. Born out of a desire to be free from tyranny… And a desire for religious freedom, the freedom to worship God as we choose.

Our country’s DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE stated  that all men were created equal, that every man had a right to pursue happiness. These freedoms were defended by  great countrymen, who have gone before us, who have given their lifeblood that we, Americans could remain free. To dishonor our flag, “OLD GLORY”,  is to dishonor our country and the brave soldiers who have fought to defend our freedom to live life as we choose!

We were born from ” UNITED STATES”, indivisible. It is and was our love of liberty that motivates and has motivated us to join together and build this great country with moral laws drawn from the BIBLE. We were birthed a republic meant to be governed by the people and for the people!  We were born one country indivisible ( closely united),  under God , with liberty and justice for all!!!

WAKE UP AMERICA! Let’s make this pledge come alive in our hearts once more! Respect one another… Honor our flag…  Honor AMERICA… live FREE… In the HOME OF THE BRAVE!