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Why Should America Stop ISIS



America is capable and must stop the atrocities ongoing in Iraq and Syria. Do we still have American moral values? Do we as Americans still believe there are some things worth fighting and dying for??
I believe WE THE PEOPLE DO STILL CARE ABOUT PROTECTING THE LIVES OF THE INNOCENTS! Americans did not ask to be the POLICEMEN of the WORLD. However, by heavens, SOMEBODY HAS TO MAN UP! When evil people have the audacity to behead five year old little boys, WHO CAN STAND BY AND DO NOTHING? WE MUST AVENGE THE BEHEADING OF OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS!

Then, also, we have the responsibility to protect the American people, who are now being threatened and being warned that Armaggedon is coming to our shores! Any group that threatens to annihilate our people must be dealt with, and quickly before the threats become realities! Plus the probable threat from all the Islamic training camps within America RIGHT NOW! War is on! In the words of Senator CRUZ: In regard to the action and attitude from Our President and His Administration  toward dealing with Isis…

Senator Ted Cruz talking to Sean Hannity

“There is no sense of urgency, no sense of seriousness. We’ve seen ISIS go from roughly 10,000 fighters to now north of 30,000 … ISIS right now is the face of evil. They are crucifying Christians. They are persecuting Christians. They are beheading children. They have beheaded two American journalists on the global stage. And they have promised to take jihad to our shores. And the administration’s response? They deal with this as a P.R. matter, drop a bomb here, send a missile there.’

‘When I asked General Dempsey, ‘militarily how would we go in and kill the terrorists before they are able to take jihad to America?’ His answer was ‘Well, we need to change conditions on the ground so people are not susceptible to extremism.’ Look, it’s not our job to be social workers in Iraq and put them all on expanded Medicaid. It is our job to kill terrorists who have declared war on America and demonstrated the intention and capability to murder innocent Americans.”

Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/ted-cruz-kill-terrorist-who-declare-war-on-america/#B6IQKkerl4OUwZAo.99


Peace in the Midst of Chaos


 America I have shouted to the rooftops wake up!  Now I am urging you to get ready! We have an enemy and we are at war. It would be wise and indeed seems necessary for you to have food, water and alternative sources of electricity available in your home. We are in a vulnerable position as American Citizens who have no protection, it seems from our present government.

Open Borders, according to those trying to patrol those borders, are allowing illegals from Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan to cross into our borders almost at will! Does this sound to you like a potentially threatening situation? Our President has decided to not deal with the “amnesty situation” until after the November elections!  SIX THOUSAND FOREIGN STUDENTS, here on visas, whereabouts are unknown… By Homeland Security and the State Department! Of those over one hundred are already on a “suspicious” list! American citizens have been beheaded! Our constitutional rights are diminishing on a regular basis!!!!

Yet I can honestly tell you I have no fear! I lay down at night and sleep like a baby! Still I make it my business to try to keep alert and abreast of every breaking news report here and worldwide!  How can I have peace in the midst of all this chaos! I KNOW IN WHOM I HAVE BELIEVED! That means I have truly entrusted my complete well being into the arms of My God and My Savior, The LORD JESUS CHRIST.  HE is the God of Love and Life! He is the only God who does not have a grave!!!! BECAUSE HE LIVES!  I do not fear death and I have an abundant life! I know that He is more than able to fill all my needs and that He will give me His grace, “unmerited favor” for every day that I live… And then, at death will embrace me and make bless me with His gift of eternal life!

In the Holy Bible, which is the Word of God, I am comforted by these Words… Isaiah 43:1 But now, thus says The Lord, who created you O Jacob , And He who formed you O Israel: Fear not for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; You are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flame scorch you. His Holy Word assures me that He is no respector of persons and He will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her. He has shown Himself to me as healer, protector, provider and lover of my soul… in that He provided a way for me to enter into eternal life with Him! If I go to the Highest mountain He is there or the lowest depths He is there! I am surrendered to His will for my life. He is the God of love who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent! I rest in perfect peace knowing He is in control. Everything in my life works for my good and His purpose! Ultimately ALL HIS KIDS KNOW WE WIN! That is why I can see all the chaos and still have His Peace, not the peace the world gives…peace when circumstances are going well but HIS PEACE… The kind that passes all understanding!