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Why Should America Stop ISIS



America is capable and must stop the atrocities ongoing in Iraq and Syria. Do we still have American moral values? Do we as Americans still believe there are some things worth fighting and dying for??
I believe WE THE PEOPLE DO STILL CARE ABOUT PROTECTING THE LIVES OF THE INNOCENTS! Americans did not ask to be the POLICEMEN of the WORLD. However, by heavens, SOMEBODY HAS TO MAN UP! When evil people have the audacity to behead five year old little boys, WHO CAN STAND BY AND DO NOTHING? WE MUST AVENGE THE BEHEADING OF OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS!

Then, also, we have the responsibility to protect the American people, who are now being threatened and being warned that Armaggedon is coming to our shores! Any group that threatens to annihilate our people must be dealt with, and quickly before the threats become realities! Plus the probable threat from all the Islamic training camps within America RIGHT NOW! War is on! In the words of Senator CRUZ: In regard to the action and attitude from Our President and His Administration  toward dealing with Isis…

Senator Ted Cruz talking to Sean Hannity

“There is no sense of urgency, no sense of seriousness. We’ve seen ISIS go from roughly 10,000 fighters to now north of 30,000 … ISIS right now is the face of evil. They are crucifying Christians. They are persecuting Christians. They are beheading children. They have beheaded two American journalists on the global stage. And they have promised to take jihad to our shores. And the administration’s response? They deal with this as a P.R. matter, drop a bomb here, send a missile there.’

‘When I asked General Dempsey, ‘militarily how would we go in and kill the terrorists before they are able to take jihad to America?’ His answer was ‘Well, we need to change conditions on the ground so people are not susceptible to extremism.’ Look, it’s not our job to be social workers in Iraq and put them all on expanded Medicaid. It is our job to kill terrorists who have declared war on America and demonstrated the intention and capability to murder innocent Americans.”

Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/ted-cruz-kill-terrorist-who-declare-war-on-america/#B6IQKkerl4OUwZAo.99


Gaza Breaks 72 Hour Cease Fire


Do you ever feel like you are on a never ending Merry go round ride!
Do you ever feel like you are on a never ending Merry go round ride!

ISRAEL DOES!  According to Secretary of a State  John Kerry, in an article from the Washington AP, Gaza has once again violated a cease fire agreement with Israel! How many times must this happen before the majority of the world media will stop blaming ISRAEL for DEFENDING HER COUNTRY!

I choose to stand with Israel always in all ways!
I choose to stand with Israel always in all ways!

Six times ISRAEL has stopped her military defensive against Gaza, only to have each agreement broken! Enough of this ridiculous idea that HAMAS would ever want peace with Israel! HAMAS is the terroristic group in control of Palestine!  DUE TO A VOTE OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE this group has led the Palestinian group since 2006! If you have any doubt as to the groups intent to destroy Israel, Google the HAMAS CHARTER!!! Read article 13!

it is my opinion that Israel has every right to defend her borders and that she should no longer put up with the neighbor firing  rockets at  her on a regular basis! I think it’s pathetic that Gaza would put her children and other civilians upfront in the midst of a war that they are perpetrating!

Surely you, my reader,  are as sick of all the truces that Gaza signs, in  absolute hypocrisy,   and then turns around within hours and breaks! This shows the true heart of Hamas Palestinian Authority!!! HAMAS has NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE, as they have shown repeatedly by using their own people as human shields! The more people that die on both sides, according to the HAMAS CHARTER, the more honor for Allah!

Leave a comment ! Voice your opinion on why Israel is in the right to defend her borders or   If you prefer, why Gaza should be allowed to continue firing on Israel!